The Discreet Benefits of ClearCorrect

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Our dentist is pleased to provide you with ClearCorrect clear aligners to help you achieve a more aesthetic smile without subjecting you to limitations and appearance of metal braces. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of ClearCorrect and how this braces system can help you achieve a beautiful smile.

Here are some of the reasons why patients love ClearCorrect:

– Greater comfort: The lack of metal brackets and wires found in other orthodontic treatment reduces abrasion and helps you feel more comfortable wearing ClearCorrect.

– Removable aligners: The clear aligners in the ClearCorrect system are easily removable, which means you can still eat all of your favorite foods and beverages without inadvertently damaging your aligners.

– Easily replaced trays: The aligner trays should be in your mouth for about 22 hours every day day, and then they are swapped out about every two weeks for fresh aligners so that your treatment continues  to progress gradually.

– Discretion: Oder teens and adults who are looking for discreet and minimally invasive orthodontic treatment are the ideal candidates for ClearCorrect.

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