Upgrade Your Damaged Tooth With a Dental Crown

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If your teeth have suffered any damage and need to be restored or have become so stained and badly discolored that whitening treatment is not enough, we can improve your tooth with a dental crown. Spencer Shelley, DDS offers custom-made dental crowns to help you upgrade a damaged tooth.

A dental crown is a protective cap that your dentist places over a damaged or misshapen tooth to protect it from further harm and provide a more cosmetic look. We can customize your dental crown to meet the needs of your individual tooth, whether it would benefit from a better color, shape, or curvature.

If a tooth is damaged enough, it may begin to come apart. A well-made dental crown can hold broken pieces together and restore the tooth’s functionality by covering the bits. Another use of a dental crown is to be placed over and support a tooth that needs a large filling but does not have much tooth structure remaining. If a tooth is damaged beyond the service of other dental restorations, a dental crown may be your best option.

We urge you not to wait until it’s too late to save a tooth with a dental crown. Please feel free to schedule an oral exam with Dr. Spencer Shelley by calling us at 757-787-7000. We would be delighted to restore your smile with a dental crown in Onley, Virginia.