What Is the Follow-Up Care for Dental Contouring?

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The process of cosmetic dental contouring is professionally removing some tooth enamel from a tooth that has been chipped, fractured, or cracked to help improve the appearance of your smile before it develops dental problems. Following a dental contouring procedure, we may need to provide some follow-up care to keep the tooth in good health.

Teeth can only benefit from cosmetic tooth contouring if they still have a healthy amount of remaining tooth enamel. A damaged tooth that is at risk of having its dentin or pulp layer exposed or has undergone extensive dental work in the past may require a cosmetic dental crown instead.

Even if you have plenty of strong remaining tooth enamel, Dr. Spencer Shelley may recommend that you receive fluoride treatment following the contouring procedure. The use of a high-quality fluoride toothpaste can also help strengthen the mineral density in the tooth enamel to ward off the development of tooth decay.

Several dental studies have reported that sources of fluoride exposure can greatly improve the tooth enamel and in turn ward off tooth decay. Professional fluoride treatment can help the remaining tooth enamel stay strong for several years in the future.

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